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Air Conditioning Spokane

The average temperature in Spokane can increase from 56 °F to 83°F during a hot day in summer. Summer is the best time when the air conditioner becomes your best friend because of the scorching, hot climate. For some people, it is a symbol of luxury, but during warm weather brought by summer, it is a necessity. One can finally breathe in comfort after spending some time outside and stepping inside an air conditioned home. But comfort and convenience during the hot days is not just the problem that you are facing. Most houses would pass through several liters of water because of humidity.
As the temperature in your house increases, the humidity in your house increases as well. You are more likely to experience a more pressing issue on the health and property risk that comes with it. It might come as a surprise, but having an air conditioner might save your life and your house as well.

Threats caused by not having Air Conditioning

The first threat that humidity does to your property is damage to your house and stuff. Some items inside the house like guitars, kitchen cabinets, computers and even some chemicals contain sensitive materials that needs to be kept away from high humidity.

Air Conditioning Spokane

Secondly, humidity invites unwanted guests to your homes such as flies and dust mites. This is because organic and biodegradable materials tends to rot faster in humid conditions, thus giving your vermin and pests a feast that they can all enjoy.
The third thing that humidity does to your house is seep out dangerous chemicals into the air. These toxic chemicals which are found in many important things inside your house, such as lamps, sofas, stove, and etc. are highly reactive and volatile as the temperature increases. In addition, since it’s highly humid, chances are the moisture level inside your house also increases because of water absorption.

Dangers of not having Proper Air Conditioning for your Spokane Home


Molds really love to thrive in places where the humidity levels are high. Before you know it, you have become the host of the most hostile and toxic things inside your house. Molds are deadly to humans. Given that fact, is the fourth reason why humidity in your house is dangerous. It can definitely make you ill because it decreases the level of your immune system.
Some of the health problems that people face during hot humid days are allergic reactions to dusts, pests and molds. If you are suffering from asthma, an air cooler can bring you ease, comfort and relief. Lastly, the highly humid climate makes you generally sad and moody.
There are existing studies that have shown the significant relationship between high humidity levels and frequent mood swings. People tend to become miserable and unhappy when the temperatures outside are unbearable. This is why Air Conditioners are your best friends in hot humid temperatures. It is the job of your cooling system to remove the heat from your house from the inside to the outside.

The Joys of having Air Conditioning


AC releases cold air in your house by pulling the warm air out of it. The air becomes cold after passing through a series of pipe called the Evaporator Coil. This works just like how our skin cools down after we sweat. The evaporator coil is full of a special liquid called refrigerant. This special liquid converts the moisture in to gas as it absorbs the heat from the air. A compressor moves the refrigerant into the two coils so it can evaporate and condense at the same time. This pump, called compressor generates power for the machine as well.
Certain air conditioning units are designed to meet the “load” of temperature on the house. That is why, they are designed to have only a certain amount of refrigerants. And such, they are intended to have a certain amount of air that can flow across its coils. When extremely humid conditions overload and outweigh the performance of the machine, the changes that comes with it affects the system as well.

Spokane Air Conditioning

Your Air conditioning may not be able to keep up with the heat being produced indoors by human respiration, lighting and appliances. Forcing a higher air flow in your system could cause higher indoor humidity and damage the compressor until it fails. Now you’re totally in for the worst, an expensive bills for repairs and spending more hot time in your house. Good news is, you can do routine maintenance like changing filters by yourself to prevent this. The bad news is, once your Air Conditioning is damaged, and then you need the help of the Professional Air Conditioning Repair Services in Spokane. Revive Heating and Air Conditioning LLC is your one stop AC and heating services in Spokane that you can easily rely on. With over 25 years in providing professional, affordable and trustworthy Air conditioning and Heater Repair Services in Spokane area, they are just seasoned in making happy and satisfied customers especially during summer. Their end goal is to leave their clients with a peace of mind knowing that they won’t have to worry about experiencing the harsh heat from summer.
Their main priority is their customer’s comfort. That is why they are on time for scheduled visits and give thorough and complete check for the areas that need repair and maintenance. Trust the number one AC and Heating Company in Spokane and your comfort won’t be put in jeopardy especially during the warm season. After all, you deserve the best, unfailing and most efficient service in Spokane.